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The Lompoc Chamber is first and foremost, a membership organization of currently 500 business and professional organizations and individuals committed to improving the economy and quality of life in the Lompoc Valley. This is accomplished through the efforts of over 300 volunteers who donate over 11,000 hours per year. The Chamber is defined by the community's perceptions of past accomplishments, current actions and the Chamber's preparation to deal with the future. The success of the Chamber is due to the significant resources of time, skills, and financial support given by the Chamber members. Click here to access our Chamber Membership directory.


Your Chamber IS:

- a voluntary business association.
- a non-profit private corporation.
- a coordinated team.
- supported by member-investors.
- a cooperative effort of all members working for the common benefit of all members and the community.
- a forum for legislative issues and government concerns.
- a well-planned program of work to address prioritized needs.
- Chamber members working together throughout the community.
- the opportunity to share, plan and work with fellow business leaders to make affect change in your community.
- coordinated efforts of members and their investment of time, skills and money.

Your Chamber is NOT:

- a social agency or club.
- an individual or clique.
- a single business or business category working for its own benefit.
- a political action committee.
- unplanned reactions to unexpected situations.
- just the Chamber staff and visible operations.
- a series of needless meetings.
- just the efforts of office staff or the directors.

Membership and Membership Dues

On an ongoing basis, Chamber staff and volunteers: answer inquiries about the community, including potential business and residential prospects; develop a marketing plan for tourism, assist tourists in their vacation plans and answer questions about products and services available in the area; attend numerous city and county meetings in order to be aware of issues affecting the business climate; develop workshops and seminars on business management; and promote harmonious community relations.

Could you, as an individual in your business, afford to provide such a wide variety of socioeconomic services for yourself, for the community and your fellow business people? Probably not, but as a member of the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, you can!

Business Membership

No. Employees
First Year
Subsequent Years
$800 + $1 per emp.
$775 + $1 per emp.


Financial Institutions

No. Employees
First Year
Subsequent Years


Other Groups

First Year
Subsequent Years
Non-Profit Organizations
Civic Members
$180 + $3 per room

Home Based Businesses (Two Employees Max)


*Plus $25 for each additional licensed member of firm

Fill Out a Membership Application Here!

Membership Application

You may fill out an application online or if you prefer to mail in your application with your payment information, please click here to download our application in pdf format.

Membership Benefits

-Publicity & Exposure

-Business Referral System

-Networking Opportunities

-New Business Contacts

-Business Community Updates

-Educational Opportunities & Professional Development

-Leadership Development

To read more about the benefits of membership, click here